A Journey of Color, Music and Fractal Imagery
Imagery: Robert J. McCarter; Music: Steve D’Annunzio; Color and Booklet: Aleia N. O’Reilly

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Presented in VHS (NTSC) format and 23 minutes in length, LightTones is a revolutionary new video experience that provides a guided tour of your body’s energy centers. Each two and a half-minute segment features colorful fractal imagery and custom created music especially selected to revitalize and balance these energy centers.

LightTones is a truly unique video experience that will engage your senses of sight, sound and imagination. It can be instrumental in soothing jangled nerves, enhancing clarity, and managing stress on many levels. This mood-altering journey is twenty-three minutes long, making it perfect for use as a meditation or relaxation tool.

Included with the video is a twenty-page booklet containing useful guidelines, and information about energy balancing with fractals, music, color, and light. When used as suggested, LightTones can assist with balancing, toning and strengthening the body’s energy centers (chakras). Many report feeling an increased sense of well being and a renewed enthusiasm for life.

Entertaining, as well as therapeutic, LightTones offers adults and children of all ages a welcome respite from the pressures of daily life.

Lighten up and enjoy your journey!

“My experience of LightTones is one of being lifted out of my busy routine and finding myself in a deep state of relaxation. The health implications of this technology are enormous.”

Richard A. Moore, M.D.