Rainbow Warriors Awake!

An Invitation to Remember

Aleia N. O’Reilly with Beloved Saint Germain

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Rainbow Warriors Awake! An Invitation to Remember is the story of one woman’s incredible journey as she discovers the power of the Rainbow. It is a delightful mixture of autobiography, humble wisdom, and channeling.
Join Aleia, as she and her circle of friends delve deeper into their own spirituality to discover the awesome power of mastering the colors of the Rainbow – and what changes that brings into their lives.
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A Journey of Color, Music and Fractal Imagery
Imagery: Robert J. McCarter; Music: Steve D’Annunzio; Color and Booklet: Aleia N. O’Reilly

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Presented in VHS (NTSC) format and 23 minutes in length, LightTones is a revolutionary new video experience that provides a guided tour of your body’s energy centers. Each two and a half-minute segment features colorful fractal imagery and custom created music especially selected to revitalize and balance these energy centers.

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