Rainbow Warriors Awake!

Rainbow Warriors Awake!

An Invitation to Remember

Aleia N. O’Reilly with Beloved Saint Germain

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Rainbow Warriors Awake! An Invitation to Remember is the story of
one woman’s incredible journey as she discovers the power of the Rainbow.
It is a delightful mixture of autobiography, humble wisdom, and channeling.
Join Aleia, as she and her circle of friends delve deeper into their own
spirituality to discover the awesome power of mastering the colors of the
Rainbow – and what changes that brings into their lives.

In this book you will find:

  • A frank telling of Aleia’s processes and journey towards greater spiritual
    awareness and greater happiness
  • Channelings from St. Germain, Rainbow Woman, and others
  • How you can master the colors of the Rainbow and become a living acupuncture
    tool assisting Mother Earth’s ascension
  • How to form your own Whirling Rainbow groups, aligning to a vast network
    of lightworkers on the Rainbow grid
  • Rare insights about the Hopi and other indigenous peoples
  • A comprehensive list of resources to help you on your journey
  • The story of the creation of a great peace mural, And much
Go inside and find the Glory of God. The peace that you seek is there, resting within the flower of the radiance you call the Great
Central Sun/Son, God. The freedom that seems elusive is contained within
the seed of potential, ever an echo in the vast darkness of the void. Within
each heart the eternal sound of Light becoming itself lies awaiting to wake.
Be with these words, beloved peace-seekers of the Rainbow. Allow yourselves to take what will serve and leave the rest. I AM a comforter in times of change and I bring to your awareness only that which you have opened yourselves to hearing. How blessed is your Light to the realms beyond the third. How radiant your love. How vast your potential. It is as the face of God, the Glory of God in form. May you be blessed with the gift of seeing this face of God in every being that you encounter on your journey.
~St. Germain
I will sing to you children with my Rainbows of Light. I am in service
as midwife to Gaia. I am in service as midwife to you. When the wind blows, know that Gaia is yawning and stretching, feeling the power to move and create with the Great Spirit. I am there with her, whispering to her of the dance.
When sunlight filters through the leaves in a dewy morning, know that I am there with her. When prisms shimmer on your skin and in your hair, you know that I am there with you. I am everywhere for you children of the Stars.

Rainbow Woman